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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

Hi All!!
(This post contains affiliate links ❤️)

Long long (yes so looongg) time no see you. But I always see your makes on Instagram haha.

Well, I can’t say anything else but I’m really happy and excited!!!

For you who’s have read my long time ago post, I designed some granny squares pattern for a book. It is maybe 1 year and 5 months ago. Aaannddd It’s live now oh oh you know.. It’s like a dream.. still like a dream.

The name of the book is “The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

You must be curious about the book. This book contain 100 unique and beautiful granny squares by 23 (yes 23!!!) designers around the world!! So this book is really a treasure (or a granny square dictionary maybe? Haha) because, well, each designer must made the best designs to contribute for this book (This book comes from a granny square design competition!!). All is in one book, 100 DESIGNS by 23 DESIGNERS AROUND THE WORLD! 

Aaand tadaaaaa.. after a long time of waiting.. here is the cover book :

Isn’t it beautiful?? Although my design is not in the cover (yes I sad -just a little- hahaha) Maybe my design is on the back of the title LOL. Whatever, I’m really happyyy!!

The official release date of the book in shops is November 1st.


There’s pre-sale and pre-sale is live now this friday (13th September) until 1th October!! you will receive a PDF copy alongside the paperback order, so you can start crocheting now!!

To buy it now (or maybe you want to see all information about this book), just click here 🧶 

Oh I forgot to show you some of my designs!!

Here it is...

You will find my 6 patterns in a sea of 100 granny squares. If you make it, don’t forget to use hashtag #grannysquaresourcebook so you can meet each other there and if you make one of my designs, you can add a hashtag #designbyinascraft (Well, no pressure ofcourse. But I’m happy to see your makes there too 🌹)

Happy Crocheting all!