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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Daisily Doily mini-CAL

(this post firstly published in my personal blog)

Hi All!!
Welcome to my first mini-CAL (Crochet along)!!!
Firstly, I'm sorry if my english is not good enough haha.. Still learning in English. I hope you can understand 🌹🌹and don't hesitate to correct me, I'm really thankful for that 🌹
I'm really happy to share this simply beautiful Daisily Doily's pattern and make it as a mini CAL! Oh it will be fun! Thank you very much for all my testers! They are : Paulina Smith, Asraa Ahmad, Rhoda Farrelly, and for Indonesian pattern testers : Mba Ony Nurhayati and Mba Ika SumarniAnd thank you very much for Julia Veloso for translating my pattern to spanish.
(If you want to translate this pattern to your language too, welcome! Just tell me 🌹)
Crochet along is where we crochet a project in a specific time together. And this is a MINI CAL because this simply beautiful doily just 11 rounds. It will be 5 part, which I will give pattern for 2-3 round each day (so we will crochet for 5 days together! Yass!!)
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Let's take a look to all my testers' beautiful doily :
By Paulina Smith
by Ony Nurhayati
by Asraa Ahmad
By Rhoda Farrelly
By Ika Sumarni
**This pattern is FREE for all. If you want other people to join this mini CAL, please appreciate me by sharing the pattern's link (this blog), not by copy the pattern. Please not copy, edit, and sell in part or whole pattern. You may sell your finished project, and please don't use my pictures and testers' picture to promote. Thank you for your attention 🌹**
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Thank you very much for all who translate this pattern 🌹🌹
If you want to translate this pattern to your language too, welcome! Just tell me 🌹)
🌼 Yarn and Hook :
I use Alize Bahar yarn and other similar type of yarn which is sport yarn and 3.5 mm hook. You can use any yarn and suitable hook, and of course your favourite colors! Love to see how this doily will become with another colors.
🌼 Finished Size :
My finished doily size is appx 30 cm in diameter. It depends on yarn and hook you use.
🌼 Abbreviation (US term) :
Before we start, this is the abbreviation used in the pattern :
rnd - round
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
slst - slip stitch
sp - space
st - stitch
sk - skip
FPsc - Front Post Single Crochet
FPdc - Front Post double crochet 
FPslst - Front Post Slip Stitch
dc-cl - double crochet cluster (dc tog in 1 st/place)
picot - ch 3, slst into front loop and vertical loop of last st
Popcorn - make 5 dc in indicated st, drop loop from hook, insert the hook through top of first st made, place dropped loop on hook and pull through st, ch 1 to secure (this ch 1 does not count as a st in the pattern
Puff - (yo, insert the hook in the indicated st, yo, pull up loop) 3
times, yo, pull through all 7 loops on the hook, ch 1 to secure (this ch 1 does not count as a st in the pattern)
🌼 Pattern 
This Mini-CAL will be in 5 days (the link will active in specific time listed)
Part 4 - 2 October 2018
Part 5 - 3 October 2018
Please comment if I forget other important things. Thank you very much. 
Let's Crochet together 💪🌹