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Friday, February 8, 2019

Dolly Doily

Dolly Doily

Crochet dolly doily
Dolly Doily by @inas.craft
Finally!! My Dolly Doily.
It’s really a pleasure to test the English version of Dolly Doily by Viktoria Gul (@vitagul). It will be ready soon in her ravelry store.

Actually, I really don’t want to use fine thread because it’s really small and also the needle will be small. I though by using large yarn and big yarn, I can save my time and the result will be big. The other reason, I used a glasses too. So I prefer to use 4 ply yarn and 3 mm hook.

But, for this Dolly Doily, I know I will be used so many yarn if I use 4 ply yarn. Because, you know, you will making 24 POPCORN STITCHES IN A ROUND!! But it’s really beautiful!!! So, I try to use fine yarn and hook number 2 (2.20 mm).

You know? I think I’m in love with fine yarn now 💕 because, it’s not bad as I think. I though I’ll be really tired and,, No! Small yarn and hook not heavy. I think I crochet it more quickly than other project.

So this is my first experiment to make big doily with fine thread.

I finished this doily in 8 days. Thank you very much Viktoria for this opportunity. I really love this pattern 🌹

Pattern : Dolly Doily by Viktoria Gul
Yarn : Alize (forever) 50 gr
Hook : 2.20 mm / number 2