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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Welcome! Selamat Datang!!!

Hi All! If you’re following someone on instagram @inas.craft, That’s me hehe.. I usually blog in my first blog inasbasymeleh.blogspot.com, where there is so much things there beside craft especially crochet. I think it’s better to make a new blog which specific with crafts (but maybe you will see all things crocheted hahaha)

Okay, about this blog, I really want to use address inascraft.blogspot.com but not available hiks.
So I named it inascraftworld.blogspot.com

Oh, I haven’t introduce my self!
My name is Inas.
I’m from Indonesia. That’s why may be you’ll find some mistakes in my language hahaha I’m sorry. I try my best :’)

I like to crochet since 2007 when I see my mom make crochet hairbands for us.

Okay, I'll continue it as sson as possible.

Nice to meet you all and happy crafting!

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