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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hasna Flower Mandala (Crochet Pattern)

Hasna Flower Mandala (Crochet Pattern)

Hi All!!

Long time no see. This month is special for me because Pattern Pack Pro by Happily Hooked Magazine(af) is live now!!

Aand there is my design featured πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– it called “Hasna Flower Mandala”. Hasna means “beautiful” in Arabic and inspired from my baby name πŸ’• I crochet it after I gave a birth. So this design is special for me πŸ’•

So here is Hasna Flower Mandala  

And I want to thank all my testers, Asraa Ahmad, Tayu Purnamasari, Fatma Metwally, Aparna Upadhye, Ilse Beulens, Masako Kawahara, Paulina Smith Maraboli, and Avianty Martadiradja. You all amazing testers as always πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

You can get the pattern in the Pattern Pack Pro by Happily Hooked Magazine issue 77 (February 2021). (Af)

Thank you very much for your support! If you make it, don’t forget to tag me @inas.craft and use hashtag #HasnaFlowerMandala so I can see your beautiful Mandala πŸŒΈ❤️ 

There is also a Facebook Group named “Inas Craft and Friends” so we can share our makes and WIPs. So don’t hesitate to join to our group πŸ’ 

Thank you very much and happy crocheting!!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Almaas Mandala Crochet Pattern

Almaas Mandala Crochet Pattern

 (English below)

 Hai teman-teman Inas Craft! Lama tak berjumpa. Emang deh nulis blog itu butuh semangat dan tekad yang tinggi hahaha..

Jadi, Januari lalu sudah terbit salah satu pola Mandala terbaruku di Majalah Happily Hooked Magazine edisi 70. Nama polanya, Almaas Mandala. Almaas (Ψ§Ω„Ω…Ψ§Ψ³) artinya berlian. Karena tema majalah ini “semua hal yang berkilau”, jadi kepikir nama ini. Ya semoga saja Mandalanya memang berkilau seperti namanya ya hehe..

Polanya bisa kamu dapatkan di Majalah Happily Hooked Magazine edisi 70. Majalahnya memang belum sampai dijual di Indonesia ya, tapi ada versi eBook nya di Ravelry. Namun sekarang pola Almaas Mandala bisa didapatkan di toko Ravelryku. Tapi, pakai $$ dong???? Tenaang,, Untuk warga +62, sekarang Inas Craft hadir di Moselo, jadi kalian bisa mendapatkan polanya melalui aplikasi Moselo ya. Tentunya harganya lebih murah untuk teman setanah air 🌹 Terima kasih semua atas supportnya.

Kalian bisa share hasil karya kalian dengan tag @inas.craft di instagram dan gunakan hashtag #AlmaasMandala #InasCraftPattern untuk mendapatkan kesempatan di repost di insta-story. Oh ya, di facebook ada grup khusus teman-teman Inas Craft, lho. Jangan sungkan untuk bergabung ya! Nama grup nya “Inas Craft and Friends” untuk seluruh teman Inas Craft dari berbagai negara. Untuk grup khusus teman-teman di Indonesia, nama grupnya “Ngerajut Bareng Inas Craft”. Gabung di dua grup? Boleh bangeet.. ditunggu yaaa..

Terima kasih semua dan selamat ngerajut 🧢



 Hi All!! Long time no see.

 January was a month of released of Issue 70 of Happily Hooked Magazine, and you can find one of my new Mandala pattern there 🌼

 It calls, Almaas Mandala. Almaas means “diamond” in arabic. As this issue use “All thats glitter” theme, I think I will make something like a diamond. Well, I don’t know is this like a diamon or not hahaha but I hope you will like it all!

 You can get the pattern in the Happily Hooked Magazine issue 70 or now you can buy a single pattern of Almaas Mandala in my Ravelry Store. Thank you very much for your support!

If you make it, don’t forget to tag me @inas.craft and usehastag #AlmaasMandala so I can see your beautiful Mandala 🌸❤️ There is also a Facebook Group named “Inas Craft and Friends” so we can share our makes and WIPs. So don’t hesitate to join to our group πŸ’

 Thank you very much and happy crocheting!!


 Almaas Mandala Crochet Pattern
for only $1.5 !

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

Hi All!!
(This post contains affiliate links ❤️)

Long long (yes so looongg) time no see you. But I always see your makes on Instagram haha.

Well, I can’t say anything else but I’m really happy and excited!!!

For you who’s have read my long time ago post, I designed some granny squares pattern for a book. It is maybe 1 year and 5 months ago. Aaannddd It’s live now oh oh you know.. It’s like a dream.. still like a dream.

The name of the book is “The Ultimate Granny Square Sourcebook

You must be curious about the book. This book contain 100 unique and beautiful granny squares by 23 (yes 23!!!) designers around the world!! So this book is really a treasure (or a granny square dictionary maybe? Haha) because, well, each designer must made the best designs to contribute for this book (This book comes from a granny square design competition!!). All is in one book, 100 DESIGNS by 23 DESIGNERS AROUND THE WORLD! 

Aaand tadaaaaa.. after a long time of waiting.. here is the cover book :

Isn’t it beautiful?? Although my design is not in the cover (yes I sad -just a little- hahaha) Maybe my design is on the back of the title LOL. Whatever, I’m really happyyy!!

The official release date of the book in shops is November 1st.


There’s pre-sale and pre-sale is live now this friday (13th September) until 1th October!! you will receive a PDF copy alongside the paperback order, so you can start crocheting now!!

To buy it now (or maybe you want to see all information about this book), just click here 🧢 

Oh I forgot to show you some of my designs!!

Here it is...

You will find my 6 patterns in a sea of 100 granny squares. If you make it, don’t forget to use hashtag #grannysquaresourcebook so you can meet each other there and if you make one of my designs, you can add a hashtag #designbyinascraft (Well, no pressure ofcourse. But I’m happy to see your makes there too 🌹)

Happy Crocheting all!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Shams Flower Mandala Pattern

Shams Flower Mandala Pattern

Hi All!!

 July, the month I’ve been waiting for sooo long.  Guess what?

Alhamdulillah, my second pattern published on Magazine! Yay I’m excited! Now in Happily Hooked Magazine, isseu 64 (1st July 2019), about Home Decor, my favourite theme ever!!

 So as you can guess, I’m making a Mandala again. This is really quick project you can make to brighten your sweet home. I attach the mandala on the hoop so it can be a wall hanging.

 Fun Fact : Shams mean “Sun” in Arabic. So it’s Sun Flower Mandala 🌼

Here is the Mandalaa..
Shams Flower Mandala

 About the pattern :

Pattern : Shams Flower Mandala 
Published in : Happily Hooked Magazine, issue 64 (1st July 2019)
Yarn : Yarn and Colors - Must Have
003 ECRU x 1 ball, 001 WHITE x 1 ball
005 CLAY x 1 ball, 009 LIMESTONE x 1 ball
About the Yarn : 4 ply; 125m per 50g ball; 100% cotton
Tension : Tension is not critical for this project.
Hook : 3.5 mm hook

Happily Hooked Magazine

You can find the Magazine here (click). If you make it too, don’t forget to share your makes on instagram and use hastag #ShamsFlowerMandala so we can meet there 🌸 Also don’t hesitate to tag me @inas.craft and @happilyhookedmagazine for a chance to be featured.

 Thank you!! 🌹