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Monday, February 21, 2022

Nia Mandala mini Crochet Along Information

Hi all!!

I was asking in my instagram story, how about making Nia Mandala as our next mini-CAL?

Aand lots of you excited for it! thank you so much 💖  and here it is!! 

To join the CAL, you should buy the pattern on raverly. The price 35% OFF until the CAL (from $3 to only $1.95!)

And for Fruitz CAL members, you may get a coupon code to get 50% OFF when updated the Fruitz pattern. Now you can use that coupon code to buy the pattern.

Although this will be a paid pattern for this Crochet Along, you still have a chance to get it for FREE ❤️



If you joined the Fruitz CAL, you may familiar with the rules. It's almost same.

Let’s see if you are really a BEST FRIEND of Inas! 💖

  1. Follow me on instagram @inas.craft OR facebook fanpage.
  2. Share my post (instagramfanpage) (instagram post, share in story / fanpage post, just share it)
  3. If you’ve finished 4 (or more) projects using Inas’ patterns (not flower please, only big project, it can be mandalas, doilies, big square patterns), share it on instagram/ facebook by take a photo of them in 1 frame, or make 4 photo of them in 1 grid. May be you’ve made 4 differents projects (example #daisilydoily#rosamandalacal, #fruitzmandala and #puffymandala. OR made 4 projects using 1 same pattern (may be you have made 4 Fruitz Mandalas) it’s okay too! 💖  
  4. Tag me in your post
  5. Also write that you ready for the next #NiaMandala mini-CAL (use #NiaMandala hashtag)
  6. Tag your 3 friends to join this mini-CAL in your post too.
  7. If you have done all those step, please kindly send me a message through instagram/fanpage with your ravelry name/ email.

Example of the post you can make:

You have time from today until 3rd February 2022 to upload it and I will pick....... um....

oh NO I’m not picking!! If you do all those step, I’ll give the pattern to you, ALL OF YOU FOR FREE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ so make sure you do step 7 so you can get the pattern for free.

**I may get LOTs of message because of this so if you have done those step and I haven’t send you the link, please don’t hesitate to send me a message again, please**

If you haven’t made any project, you can join the giveaway on Instagram (click here) or join the giveaway on Fanpage (click here)

About the CAL (Crochet Along):

Welcome to my mini Crochet Along!!

I hope you will love and enjoy our four-days crochet journey.

What exactly is mini-CAL?

Crochet Along (CAL) is when we crochet a project together in same time. It’s called “mini” CAL because this is a small project. 

When does the mini-CAL start?

It will start in 4th-7th March, 2022.

Part 1: Round 1-5, 4th March

Part 2: Round 6-8, 5th March

Part 3: Round 9-11, 6th March

Part 4: Round 12-14, 7th March

How to get the pattern:

When the pattern is updated you will be notified via ravelry inbox and email each day. You have to update it and you can download it.

You can read my blog post how to download an updated pattern (click here).

If you still have a problem updating it, please contact me via instagram or email me at 

What yarn/colors should I use?

Because this is not a wearable project, you can use any yarn and suitable hook.

Share your project with us 

Instagram - don't forget to use hashtag #NiaMandala so we can meet there and feel free to tag me @inas.craft 

Ravelry - Add this project to Ravelry queue.

International Group - join “Inas Craft and Friends” on facebook and feel free to share your makes with us there.

About The Pattern: 


Skill Level



Suggested Yarn: Paintbox Cotton DK

(100% Cotton, 125 m (137 yds) per 50 g (1.75 oz))

Yarn A: Paper White (401) 1 skein

Yarn B: Dolphin Blue (437) 1 skein

Yarn C: Washed Teal (433) 1 skein


US 6 /4 mm


5 rounds = 10 cm/4”

Finished Size

30 cm

Other Supplies

• Place marker

• Blocking equipment

Special Thanks

Thank you very much for all my testers:

Aparna Upadhye, Humeiyra, Masako Kawahara, Angela Arancibia González, Tayu Purnamasari, Christine Rebello Botelho, Tejesvinee, and Avianty Martadiradja.

Also Jovette DSouza Pinto as a tech editor of this pattern and Masako Kawahara  for her kindness to create beautiful Chart for this pattern.